Family Room Wall Calligraphy
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Use transfer lettering to decorate your family room

If you’re trying to add a special touch to your family room, but changing the paint and the curtains isn’t achieving the look you’re after, you need to try wall decor quotes. Never heard of it? Then read on.

Wall decor quotes are a fast and simple way to add letters, words and quotes on the wall, furniture, glass, mirrors and other smooth surfaces around your home. Maybe you’ve seen this effect in interior design magazines but never thought you had the time or the budget to try it out in your home. Well think again because once you give wall decor lettering a try, you’ll have every wall in your home making its own statement!

It all starts with custom wall lettering. You select a phrase from our extensive collection, or you are free to create your own message. Next you add color to your message. Choosing from 40 different color options makes it easy to match your message to your room’s décor. Likewise with the font; choose one from the many different, categorized styles we offer. Finally, decide how large you want your letters to be.

We take your design and transform it onto one sheet of pre-spaced and pre-measured transfer lettering. You lay the sheet onto your surface, in a single line or you can cut the words apart and stagger them around. In just a few minutes, the transferable words appear on the surface almost by magic. What actually happens is that each letter transfers onto the surface after you press it using the provided smoothing edger.

Personalized lettering transfers your thoughts onto your walls and best of all, there’s no mess, no sweat and no expensive trips to the home supply store!

So when your rooms need that special touch, give them a hand-painted, customized look using wall decor lettering.

 You can make up your own custom quote or you can choose from over 1100 standard quotes and phrases by clicking below: